Start Here: First Time Visit (Assessment + Chakra Cleanse & Alignment)

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are.” – Chauncey Depew

If this is your first dive into energy work with us, we want to start by getting to know you. What brings you here? How’s life going? Let’s unpack it all together. 

When you arrive…

We’ll sit down together and go through:

> your current health concerns and their effects on your life

> your health, trauma, & medical history

> your sleeping patterns

> what’s important to you in your life

> your alternative healing practices, if you have them

When you get on the table…

> we will perform an energetic assessment to determine the status of your energy centers and span of your personal biofield

> we will perform a full Chakra Cleanse & Alignment treatment to balance all of your energy centers through the use of crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and gentle hands-on energy work

After your session…

> we will discuss what we observed during the assessment and treatment as well as possible factors that may be contributing to your current challenges

> we can discuss and determine which therapy session or treatment we would recommend for future visits based on our findings and your personal preferences

> schedule your next appointment

> drink a lot of water to keep the energy moving!

> I will follow up with you in a day or two to see how you’re doing

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