Seasonal Wellness

Seasonal Wellness Guide: Summer

It’s HOT outside! I’m more of an autumn and winter girl myself, if I’m honest, so my attitude towards summer is tepid at best…although, it is nice when the sun goes down and you find yourself parked in front of a crackling bonfire. Just like the rest of the seasons, summer has its own distinct … Continue reading “Seasonal Wellness Guide: Summer”

Seasonal Wellness Guide: Autumn

Ooooh yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. My favorite season of all: autumn. I think there are a few reasons why. I’m definitely a cool weather girl (if my moon white skin and Nordic nature didn’t already give that away.) I really struggle in the summers – it’s hot, humid, blazing, overactive…yeah, nah. I love … Continue reading “Seasonal Wellness Guide: Autumn”

Seasonal Wellness Guide: Spring

Ah, sweet Spring has arrived! All of the heavy ice and snow have begun to melt, soaking into the soil, giving the seeds beneath their first real drink of water. As the melting progresses, the Earth gets heavier and heavier with moisture, and new growth springs forward from the dirt. Isn’t magical to see that … Continue reading “Seasonal Wellness Guide: Spring”

Seasonal Wellness Guide: Winter

I truly believe that the better you feel, the more magical you are. When you feel good, content, nourished, and supported – your personal energy is strong. When I was in my first training as a yoga teacher, we were introduced to Ayurveda, an alternative system of medicine with its roots in India. I decided … Continue reading “Seasonal Wellness Guide: Winter”

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