The Axis Mundi Oracle Reading



Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or unknown by using metaphysical tools like the Tarot, oracle decks, runes, scrying, and pendulum. These tools pick up on the energies surrounding you in that moment and will produce results that correspond to those energies. We use divination to illuminate the energy around us that we’re not always conscious of, giving us a more complete picture of what’s going on for us right now.

The Axis Mundi is a sacred model of the cosmos appearing in many mystical traditions by various names. It depicts the relationship between the sky and the earth, the cosmic and the mundane. If you are wondering what role divinity has to play in your life, then this reading is for you. Do not ask for this reading if you don’t have enough time to spend with the results. This reading links the personal to the Universal, the earthly to the heavens.

Available Decks: The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck.

Upon booking request, you will receive a message from us to confirm and discuss what you’re looking to get clarity on. Once we have agreed on an inquiry format and deck, the reading will be conducted.

You will receive your results via e-mail. E-mailed results will be in the form of a Microsoft Word document. Results can be converted into a Google Document as well.

Readings are not in-person or live at this time, yet this does not make them any less accurate – the tools are powerful and will pick up on your energy regardless of time or distance.


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