Planetary Analysis




Once you know your three main signs (Sun, Moon, & Ascendant), maybe you’re hungry for more. You want to know why you communicate the way you do, why you love who you love, why you fight how you fight. Maybe you want to know why people talk about their Saturn Return why it can be so intense. All of these answers lie within the Planetary Analysis.

You will receive a 10+ page report in the form of a .pdf file (please let me know if you would like me to use an alternative format such as a Google .doc, Word .doc, or etc.) that includes detailed information about your planet placements, their signs, their houses, and how they may affect you. Processing time for these reports can take up to 7 days. We will get in contact with you promptly if there are any delays.

*DURING CHECKOUT, WE NEED YOU TO PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN THE ‘ORDER NOTES’ SECTION: Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Birth Time (HH:MM – AM/PM), and Birth Location (city, state, country). Without this information, we cannot map your birth chart. Please specify if you do not know your birth time. In that situation, we can run a sunrise chart, but it will not be as accurate without the proper birth time, as the planets are constantly moving each moment.



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