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The big one.

Similar to the Planetary Analysis, but with an incredible amount of detail by unlocking new layers.

You will be entreated to an in-depth analysis of your planet placements (their signs & houses) as well as the aspects, which are descriptions of how all of your planets interact with each other and those relationship influences upon you.

For example, one of my strongest aspects is my Sun conjuncting my Venus, which means they walk hand-in-hand, bestowing upon me a somewhat unworldly aura full of beauty and grace with a talent for the arts. That’s great, isn’t it? But then, I have another powerful aspect: my Moon squares my Venus, which in essence also means a difficult personality and dislike for acting charming in social situations when I don’t really feel like it. Oh well – what can you do?

All of this and so much more. If you want to really meet yourself on the astrological level and USE it as a tool to grow – then this is for you.

Your report will be sent to your provided e-mail in the form of a .pdf file (please let me know if you’d like it in a different format.) Processing for these reports takes quite a while because there’s a LOT of information, so expect 2-3 weeks from start to finish. If you would like to have your report physically (I read mine quite often), I also offer the option to print & bind in a report cover for a small additional cost.

*DURING CHECKOUT, WE NEED YOU TO PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN THE ‘ORDER NOTES’ SECTION: Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Birth Time (HH:MM – AM/PM), and Birth Location (city, state, country). Without this information, we cannot map your birth chart. Please specify if you do not know your birth time. In that situation, we can run a sunrise chart, but it will not be as accurate without the proper birth time, as the planets are constantly moving each moment.


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