3 Sign Special




Looking to get into the world of astrology but aren’t sure where to start? Did you know that you have three (3) main astrological placements that make up your personality (your Sun, your Moon, and your Ascendant?) What does that all mean?

This astrological analysis will include detailed information about your Sun, your Moon, and your Ascendant signs and how they may influence your personality, your ego, the way you process emotionally, and the way you present to others in the world.

Your birth chart is so unique to you that the exact same chart will not occur again for another 25,000 years.

Results will be e-mailed to you in the form of a .pdf file. Please specify if you would like it in a different format (Google .doc, Word .doc, etc.) Results generally available within 48 hours after mapping your placements on the star chart and typing up the analysis. If processing time will be a bit longer, we will be sure to let you know.

*DURING CHECKOUT, WE NEED YOU TO PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN THE ‘ORDER NOTES’ SECTION: Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Birth Time (HH:MM – AM/PM), and Birth Location (city, state, country). Without this information, we cannot map your birth chart. Please specify if you do not know your birth time. In that situation, we can run a sunrise chart, but it will not be as accurate without the proper birth time, as the planets are constantly moving each moment.




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