& the law of attraction

The Universe is infinite, which means its energetic reserves are as well. As children of the Universe, it is our divine birthright to have access to these bottomless wells of energy to call in and use in a way that serves us best.

A lot of us are uncomfortable when we talk about money. This is a blockage that we must release if we want to create more money in our lives. Money is not bad – it is a means of exchange. The more money we have, the more we can do in our lives, not only for ourselves, but for others, too. Having more than enough money can free us from the stress and worries that the lack of funds can have on us. If we’re consistently stressed and worried, then we’re just surviving this life…not thriving while doing the work that we’re meant here to do (with ease & grace)

Manifestation doesn’t have to just be about money. Abundance doesn’t just mean money, either – abundant love, abundant health, abundant gratitude, abundant prosperity, abundant friends, abundant funds, abundant peace, abundant wellness, abundant freedom…you get it.

You can manifest anything by mindfully directing your thoughts and energy towards the outcome you desire. Be careful, though – many of us are adept at manifesting negative outcomes because we sit in the energy stream of worry, desperation, lack, and negativity without even realizing it. This is the way our society operates…for now. Let’s change that.

manifest it 101

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