Heart Space Clearing

Our hearts are the energetic center points of our bodies – it’s where the lower energy centers merge with the upper energy centers; the big interchange on the energetic highway that runs through our bodies. Whenever there is a blockage or imbalance in another energy center, it is not only affecting itself, but likely the heart as well. It is incredibly important to keep the heart center balanced and clear to help the rest of the system to maintain its best rhythm.

Blocked or imbalanced heart centers can be triggered by grief, life trauma, holding grudges, relationship trauma or stress, anxiety, bottling up emotions, issues surrounding commitment, issues surrounding forgiveness, and lack of self-love. Physically it can show up as tension in the upper chest, upper back, and shoulders, cardiac issues, difficulty breathing, or panic attacks.

We have developed a treatment using our handheld singing bowl to deliver powerful vibrations to the electromagnetic field surrounding the heart to clear and release any blockages that may be lingering in the system due to any of the reasons listed above. Clients may experience a feeling of lightness in the chest, warm sensations in the heart, and a feeling of release after treatment.

Heart Space Clearing is available as an individual session and as add-on treatment during a Biofield Therapy Session.

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