Brain Entrainment Therapy

Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good

Brain Entrainment Therapy aims to improve brain performance and help the mind and body come back into a balanced state by training the brain to recognize, repeat, and internalize certain brainwaves: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma waves.

Through the use of tactile, bone-conductive transducers (we lovingly refer to them as vibration stations), uniquely curated frequencies and waves are transfused into the body via vibrations rather than through audible audio tracks, meaning that you’ll feel the vibrations in your body rather than hearing them. We use low frequencies that mimic and stimulate certain brainwave functions that can include: alertness, relaxation, meditation, sleep, deep meditative work, and creative learning.

We also have research-backed suggested treatments that may aid in bone and tissue regeneration, fibromyalgia, insomnia, stress, chronic headaches, maintaining focus and developing new neural patterns to stimulate the learning process.

Delta Waves (0.5 – 3 Hz): help release insomnia, headaches, migraines, and anxiety.

Theta Waves (3 – 8 Hz): help to induce deep meditation or trance states, aid in healing recovery, stimulate creativity (daydreaming state), strengthen short and long-term memory.

Alpha Waves (8 – 14 Hz): help to regain a sense of relaxed and collected focus, erase brain fog, can induce a more conscious state of meditation.

Beta Waves (14 – 30 Hz): help to wake up the body, sharpen mental intellect, activate problem-solving pathways, activate and open all five senses, and are great for athletes looking to focus and hone in on muscle memory.

Gamma Waves (30 – 40 Hz): are associated with extreme focus, energy, ecstasy, cognitive processing, memory processing, intense concentration and learning; they are especially helpful for those who are experiencing Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, major depression, neurological issues, memory issues, and issues with motor function.

High Gamma Waves (40 – 100 Hz): are associated with higher consciousness and high levels of brain organization; they are effective at stimulating the cardiovascular system, improving blood flow, healing from physical injuries by stimulating cellular regeneration, and can be effective for pain relief.

Brain Entrainment Therapy sessions will have you lie down on a soft, comfy massage table to receive the brainwave vibrations from the table into your body for a 30 minute treatment – allowing you to absorb, record, and commit the frequency to memory. For the first 10-15 minutes I will do an energetic body scan, pull your biofield back in to you, and bring you down into a more relaxed state to receive the vibration therapy through a short guided meditation. The last 15 minutes of your session will have you on the table on your own with the vibrations and gentle background music. Relax, lie back, and chill out while your brain and body absorb this incredible, vibrational medicine.

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