The Reveal

You know how every year as humans we do this thing where on the first day of the calendar year we speak about something we call ‘resolutions?’ Well, in the world of witchcraft, we prefer to call them intentions. ‘Resolution’ would imply there is something to be ‘resolved,’ as in there’s a problem. But we’re … Continue reading “The Reveal”

Why I Chose Witchcraft and the 10 Books That Shaped My Practice

Click here to jump to the book list. When I look back on it, I think one of the most influential periods of my life was when I learned to read. To most, this moment in time seems obviously important, but I feel like it was so definitive. My mom started very early with me, … Continue reading “Why I Chose Witchcraft and the 10 Books That Shaped My Practice”


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About Me

My name is Sierra if you know me in this life, and Rose if you’re here from one of my past lives! I am a practicing Norse witch with a passion for teaching and writing about metaphysics, Norse mytholgoy & folk practices, astrology, ritual, and so much more! I hope that you find something interesting to read while you’re here!

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