Biofield Therapy

This energetic treatment uniquely combines metaphysical counseling, Reiki, and vibrational therapy via crystals, essential oils, and musical instruments to treat you holistically (‘whole’-istically!) Like everything else in the Universe, we are composed of tiny energetic particles. Due to this, it is logical to assume that we can affect, and be affected, by the energetic particles within us and without us. At the root of nearly all physical issues there is something happening concurrently at the mental, emotional, or spiritual level. When something begins to appear physically and affect your well-being, it is your body’s desperate last call to get you to notice and take action! If you can heal the roots, you can heal every part that is connected.

Biofield Therapy sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes depending on your schedule and preferences. 60 minute sessions are $39 and 30 minute sessions are $20.

Before our session, I will ask you about:

> your current health concerns & their effects on your life

> your health, trauma, & medical history

> your sleeping patterns

> what’s important to you in your life

> your alternative healing practices, if you have them

Before you get on the table:

> we’ll chat about what’s going on for you right now and do a little metaphysical counseling

> we’ll discuss your energy centers and the basics of energy (what is it, how does it work, and how it can affect you)

During our energetic work:

> you’ll lie down on your back on a super comfy, sheepskin covered treatment table – while you’re on the table, you will feel vibrations from my transducers. The transducers are set to the specific frequencies that I believe will help you the most (for example, currently during the winter everyone has been getting some beautiful Sun frequency infusions – 126.22 Hz)

> I will use hands-on Reiki, palm stones, oils, and sound tools to work with your energy field. Sorry, no massage – haven’t gone to school for that yet 😉

After our session:

> drink a lot of water! Keep the energy moving and stay hydrated

> I will follow up with you in a day or two to see how you’re doing

> please always message me if you’re having a hard time processing or dealing with feelings that may have come up during the session. Know that if I don’t respond right away, I’m either working, sleeping, or with loved ones. I will always respond within a day 💜

> Schedule your next session! Maintenance is key for self-care and any energetic practice. Once a week or every two weeks is best!

Ready to experience Biofield Therapy?

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If someone were considering trying Biofield Therapy and asked you what it was like, what would you tell them? Let us know in as many or few details as you'd like!
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