Adrenal Gland Reset

The Adrenal Gland Reset is a specialized treatment we offer for clients who feel that they are stressed, overworked, constantly tired, or have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. Medications and supplements are common Western treatments for these conditions, and if these treatments are resonating with you, fantastic! If you’re seeking a different approach, we believe that getting the energetic fields of the adrenal glands in order and clearing out any energetic disruptions may put the field back into its natural energetic rhythm, bringing balance and healing to the adrenals and reducing the need for medication.

The powerful sound and vibrations of our C# tuned crystal bowl can help break up stagnant energy in the adrenal fields, clearing the pathways so energy can run cleanly, effortlessly, and efficiently, allowing the body to rest and heal these incredibly important organs.

The Adrenal Gland Reset is available as a single session as well as an add-on treatment during Biofield Therapy sessions.

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