Basic Magic Toolkit

When people are just starting out on the path, sometimes they feel overwhelmed by the amount of tools out there to do this work and they feel like, Oh gosh, I must need all of them. Not true.

Yes, it’s really fun to have all the bells and whistles (literally), but a lot of it isn’t necessary. Some of the most powerful things I’ve done have been accomplished just using myself, a candle, and maybe one oil. That’s it. Yet I have a collection of at least a thousand magical items, which I certainly enjoy and don’t regret. I just don’t need all of them.

Here’s what I feel are the basic tools of magic to get you started:

  • The right headspace. This is first because it’s the most important, and why it’s helpful to meditate before working with energy. Make sure that you’re aligned with the energy you’re seeking. Don’t allow intrusive thoughts or anxieties in while you’re working – if they come up, tell them thank you, but you’ll respond to them later. I also silence my phone and put it somewhere else before I work. If you have a familiar (or a few, like myself), expect them to come barging in at the wrong times. My cat is notorious for trying to lay himself across all my supplies. Laugh it off, show them a better place to hang out, and get back to it.
  • An outfit of empowerment. Hey, sometimes all you have to do is dress the part to get the energy you’re looking for, you know what I mean? By taking the time to choose an outfit (whether it’s a full on cloak, a dress, or some comfy pajamas), you’re setting an intention and marking the occasion. If you’re out and about and the need arises, visualize yourself in the most magical outfit you can think of.
  • Your hands. Tools that you always have with you. There are two chakras, or energy centers, in the palms of your hands. Have you ever thought about how powerful your hands are? You use them to love, to touch, to investigate, to build, to create. Your magic is in your hands – hold them over ingredients before mixing (in magic or in cooking!) and bless them with your intentions. Focus on your hands. Visualize light coming out of them. Maybe feel the heat of your power in your skin. Visualize the outcome you want.
  • Your intention. The most powerful ingredient in any magical work. Your intention is what you intend to accomplish by doing the work. Always word your intention in the present tense. I am wealthy. I am loved. I am capable.

And as for a more Hogwarts-esque supply list:

  • A mortar and pestle (for mixing and blending herbs)
  • Glass jars (a witch can never have enough)
  • Small spell candles in various colors. Sold by most metaphysical shops, and here.
  • Crystals (basic set recommendation for beginners here)
  • String in various colors (embroidery floss works great!)
  • Parchment or grease-proof paper for writing (and subsequent burning)
  • Hot charcoal discs
  • Tongs
  • Lighter
  • Ceramic/heat-proof dish/cauldron/incense burner
  • Salt

Extra Credit Supplies

These items can give your spells or energetic work an extra kick and are just good to have on hand:

  • Moon water. It’s the witch’s holy water. Water charged under the full moon carries that power throughout the next cycle, so now you can have access to that power anytime you need it! Get a jar or bottle and fill it with water (purified, if you plan on drinking it) and leave it out under the full moon. Make sure to retrieve it before the sun rises the next morning. Boom. Moon water.
  • Black Salt. An easy, tried and true ingredient for banishing and protection work. Get a jar with a lid, a handful of salt (sea salt is best, but work with what you have), and any leftover ashes from your charcoal discs or smudge bowls. Blend the salt and ashes in a counterclockwise direction with your finger or a spoon. Enchant the salt with words of your choice. Personally, I use, ‘As this salt darkens, may it drive away any negativity and banish any dark entities around me. So it is.’ Store in a sealed jar.
  • Mojo bags. Also known as charm bags or sachets, this practice originates from Hoodoo, or African folk magic. The bag can contain herbs, crystals, drops of oil, or any other charms that are special to you. They can be created for abundance, prosperity, luck, protection, love, hope…anything! Thank goodness for the African ancestors for bringing such a versatile way of doing magic. I have a protection sachet in my car, a passion one next to my bed (cause, you know), and a few others in various places. Some now underground. You can either sew your own bags, or you can do what I do and recycle the little organza bags that you get from too many purchases at Sage Goddess (or you can order them for really cheap here.)

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