All right folks, I hate to break it to you but Mercury going retrograde really isn’t that big of a deal.

Okay, okay. Maybe it is for some people. Maybe I’m just lucky that I’m a Gemini and am rolling with Mercury’s energy every single day of my life anyways. Regardless…let’s talk about it.

Mercury goes retrograde for several weeks several times a year, every year. Retrograde is a word to describe the illusion that, from Earth, another planet seems to be orbiting in reverse, something our ancient ancestors were able to notice as well. So, sure, since it just appears that it’s moving backwards but it isn’t really, then what’s the big deal?

On this blog, we’re usually talking about the energetic implications rather than the physical ones. Each planet carries within it a different energy that influences us here on Earth. So, when it begins to energetically reverse, these energies can feel as though they’re reversed as well, which is why everything can seem to be so upside down during these periods.

No matter which planet is in retrograde (there can be a few at a time), the retrograde period invites you to take a look at how that energy is playing out in your life right now. It gives you an opportunity to look at things from a different angle and decide whether something needs to change or shift. If you don’t take notice and don’t shift how you’re operating, well – then you might really feel the effects of the retrograde.

Okay, so, back to our toasty little pal, Mercury. This is the planet that hosts the energies of communication, logical thinking, signals, travel, and connections of all kinds. Think about how many times a day you need to communicate – at your work, with your family, with your business, with your creative projects. It’s an everyday necessity. So what happens when Mercury throws the gear shift? It can all start to unravel.

No, your computer (probably) won’t crash and you (probably) won’t get into a huge argument, but I would be mindful of those things. Usually it means that things can slip a little easier than usual. You forget to text someone back. You think your doctor’s appointment is at 2:00 but it was really at 10:00, and you miss it. You try to explain something to your friend and it just comes off completely wrong. You find it harder to clearly communicate with your co-workers and possibly end up wanting to smother them instead. You know, life’s little annoyances.

So, during Mercury Retrograde, here are some of my suggestions:

  • Take a breath and THINK before you speak or send off a text. Make sure it’s really what you want to say, and it’s worded clearly.
  • Double-check the times and dates of all of your appointments – and set some reminders on your phone.
  • Don’t try to start new projects just yet, or sign any major contracts or agreements. Anything you want to put in motion at this time can hit some Mercury snags.
  • Don’t push yourself to complete big tasks. Take it easy, and one day at a time.
  • Don’t jump all in to new relationships quite yet. Take it slow and really watch how you – and they – are communicating.
  • When traveling, whether locally or not, give yourself extra time to get everywhere, just in case you run into something unexpected.

What it’s a GOOD time for:

  • Picking up old ideas and seeing if they can be reworked to a point that you can start on them in earnest after the retrograde period ends.
  • Focus on chipping away at any projects having to do with writing, speaking, teaching, or learning. The difference here is not to try and get to your final draft or presentation – just taking it a little at a time.

Take this time to be mindful, stay calm, and reflect. While pausing certain activities during retrogrades is usually good advice, if your heart is 100% telling you to GO FOR IT, then throw out the rule book and listen! Don’t miss out on an opportunity you FEEL in your heart while waiting on Mercury – just make sure you’re acting in your own best interest and in alignment with your Higher Self.

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