To create change powerfully, you must powerfully change.

Cyndi Dale

The practice of manifestation is rooted firmly in the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is based upon the concept that “like attracts like” which is an observable phenomena found in most scientific fields, the most basic example being water and oil. When added together, their molecules separate and return to other molecules who are “like” them…creating a layer of oil and a layer of water. Your thoughts are energy. Energetic particles operate in the same way that other atoms and molecules do. The Law of Attraction therefore theorizes that you will attract to yourself what you give energy to – what you think about – because other particles with the same energy will make their way to you.

In order to manifest what we want, we must go all in. We must shift our frequency to match that of what we want, so we can draw it down into our own reality.

What can emit frequency?

Well…since we’re all made up of energetic particles…everything!

  • Crystals and gemstones
  • Essential oils
  • Plants and herbs
  • Music

Each of these things emits its own frequency which corresponds to a certain energy. Items, objects, ideas, and imagery such as the ones listed above are known as energetic correspondences.

A ‘correspondence’ in the metaphysical realm is something that relates to or is associated with something else, for example: In Norse mythology, the goddess Freya’s correspondences are the colors red, pink, and gold; the day Friday; the plants apple trees, birch trees, rose, and strawberry; cats, falcons, boars, and spiders; the herbs calendula, mugwort, mint, and yarrow; the Full Moon; the stones amber, carnelian, ruby, emerald, jade, malachite, and moonstone; and the associations of love, passion, sexual relations, fertility, wealth, magic, witchcraft, trance, and priestessing.

So if my desire (intention) has anything to do with love and passion, I would try to add and layer as many correspondences as I could to amplify the frequency I’m seeking to bring into my life. Using the example above, I would be drinking mugwort tea, doing manifestation work on a Friday or during a Full Moon, wearing the colors red, pink, or gold, making a crystal grid with carnelian and ruby, having some visual representation of cats or falcons…the list goes on and on.

Step 1: Craft Your Intention

The most important step of manifesting is having a CLEAR idea of what you want. ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ is actually a good thing to keep in mind. Sit with your intention for as long as it takes for you to consider ALL possible outcomes before you commit.

Intentions should always be worded in the PRESENT tense, as if they are already happening. Here’s a not so great example: “I will be prosperous.” It’s very generalized, and tensed in the future which may or may not happen. Here’s something better: “I have everything I need in my life to be happy, comfortable, and healthy.”

Write down your intention, and then when you’re sure on how it’s worded, speak it aloud a few times. The act of speaking produces vibration, putting those vibrations out to the Universe.

Step 2: Ritual | Concentration | Meditation

Begin to gather information on the energetic correspondences that align with your intention: crystals, oils, incenses, teas, spells, deities, mantras, mudras, chakras, yoga poses, days of the week, moon phases…

Form a plan of how you will bring together the correspondences you chose. Some of us call it ritual, others call it a manifestation session…etc.

From my personal practice: Typically I do manifestation work during the waxing and full moon. In the days before, I make sure to really focus on my sacral and solar plexus chakras to make sure they’re balanced and putting out good energy. On the day I choose to hold my session, I’ll create sacred space and put together a crystal grid to attract the energy I’m trying to call in. I then sit in meditation and raise energy around my intention (by speaking, visualizing, singing, or physical movement) and release it out to the Universe.

How to Use Your Tools (Correspondences)

  • Crystals: can be arranged into a grid, can be held in the hands during meditation, can be placed in the area where you are trying to manifest.
  • Oils: can be rubbed onto the body at the meridians or chakras you are trying to call energy into, can be rubbed onto candles to increase their power, can be diffused to fill the space (and yourself) with that frequency.
  • Spells: In the most basic sense, spells are designed to keep you concentrated on the energy you’re trying to pull in and to give you a framework of how to do so.
  • Incenses: Like oils, can be burned to fill the space with that frequency. •
  • Yoga poses: A GREAT way to manifest is by doing a yoga practice dedicated to your intention – pouring the energy you generate from your body into that intention.
  • Deities: If you have a more Universal spirituality, you can sit and pray to a deity who specializes in the energy you’re trying to bring in. If you belong to a pantheon, there is likely someone you can call on. And if you have a monotheistic spirituality, well, then you’ve got one person to ask for guidance!
  • Candles: Candle magick is a practice in and of itself, but you can anoint a candle with oil and pair it with the fire element (solar plexus) and allow the candle to burn – the energy is released upward into the Universe.

Step 3: Maintenance

Now, after Step 2, you’re not off the hook just yet. That was like lighting a flare in the sky as a signal to the Universe. Keep your intention with you. Some people set an intention at New Moon and then release it at Full Moon. So during this period, try and read or speak your intention every morning. Keep your vibration and frequency set to what you’re trying to attract. YOU MUST DO THE FOOTWORK! The Universe will give you a thousand opportunities and magically send things your way when you ask for them, but there are some things the Universe cannot do: send in the application, pick up the phone, go to the class, simply say “yes”…you see where this is going.

You’ve got the tools, the know-how, the motivation…get out there and start manifesting what you want!

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