Cleaning and Clearing Your Space

Whether you have just a bedroom, are sharing a space with roommates, or your own home, creating a clean, secure, magical, sacred space allows us to feel safe, joyful, and peaceful. When we live in these emotional energy streams, it is easier for us to access our authentic self – developing and nurturing a relationship with your core being is essential for working with energy and successfully manifesting your desires. So, how do you create a space that feels functional, clean, supportive, and magical?

Cleaning & Clearing

When a room feels ‘stuck’ or doesn’t have a sense of flow, it can make us feel stifled, and at the worst, trapped. The quickest way to get rid of this is simply, start to clean up. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself – just go slowly. Throw away any garbage first, then move on to putting clothes away, changing the sheets, vacuuming the floors, re-organizing specific areas. Take a look at things in the room, and if they’re not garbage, consider recycling or giving away things you don’t need or simply don’t use. Decide a place for everything – everything has its home, as they say. Even items that are kept out can be put in a decorative basket or box so that it feels collected.

Spring cleaning is probably the most popular time to do a sweep (literally and figuratively) of each room in your home, but it’s actually best to do at least four times a year – before each solstice and equinox. These are the prime energetic times to release what we don’t need so that we have space to invite in something new. You know that feeling you get when everything is clean and you light a candle and everything just feels calm? That’s the ultimate energetic reward of cleaning – you feel calm, centered, and open – showing the Universe that you’re ready for something new, and that you’re willing to spend time and energy to benefit your own well-being.

Energetic Cleansing

Now that you’ve used up a few rags and bottles of lemon cleaner, you can work on cleaning the energy of your space. There are quite a few ways to do this, which I’ll list below.


If you love a good, natural, smoky scent and are drawn to the element of Air, this method may be for you. The most popular dried herb bundle to use for cleansing is white sage and the most popular wood (in the form of a stick) is palo santo. Be aware that since they are so popular, they are often over-harvested and not sustainably grown. Do your research and be sure the company you are obtaining these tools from are ethically and sustainably harvested. Mountain Rose Herbs and Sage Goddess are two reputable dealers and are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Treat these tools with respect. The spirits of the plants still live within. Many have accused users of these herbs of cultural appropriation. I say as long as you have deep respect and reverence of the plants you are using, they are ethically sourced, and you have knowledge of the cultures who have used them before you – then you are using these tools with respect. Sage can be found in all parts of the world and have been used for spiritual and energetic purposes by many different cultures, and you likely have ties to at least one of them, as we all come from the same origin point. You can never go wrong if you treat a plant with respect for the healing properties it contains.

You can cleanse your space (and yourself) as often as you feel you need to. It’s best to get into the habit every day, but especially on days where you’re in a bad mood, stressed, or had something unpleasant happen in your home. See which plant resonates with the energy you’re trying to establish in your space, and try it!

  • Sage: purification, protection, neutralization, and clearing all energy.
  • Palo Santo: positivity, ‘smoothing’ energy, harmonizing, purifying
  • Rosemary: clarity, protection, healing, increased mental awareness
  • Juniper: love, health, and protection
  • Sweetgrass: spirituality, calling on your guides, peace
  • Mugwort: strength, psychic connection, protection
  • Thyme: good health, courage, love
  • Lavender: peace, good sleep, calm, purification, happiness

How to Smoke Cleanse:

  1. Pick the herb or wood you’d like to use. If you’re putting together your own bundle, bring them together and fasten with twine or string. Make sure the herbs are dry enough to burn well.
  2. Light one end and gently blow out the flame so the bundle is just smoldering enough to smoke. If you are using a stick of palo santo, it may take some time to fully light. Be patient – once the flame comes up, bring it down to smolder.
  3. Bring the bundle (or stick) into each room you wish to cleanse. Using a fan, your hand, or even by gently blowing – bring the smoke around the room. Make sure you get into all the corners, nooks, and crannies. Outline windows and doorways. The smoke will work to cleanse the energetic particles of the space as you go.
  4. While you’re letting the smoke do its thing, you can draw protective symbols with your other hand or just visualize them in the room. You could also say aloud your intentions to cleanse, for example: “I release all negative energy from this room,” “I clear and cleanse this space – may only peaceful, calm energy remain,” or “I clear and protect this space from negativity, clutter, and chaos.”
  5. When you’re finished, thank the plant or wood for its assistance, and extinguish the smoke by pressing the bundle into a heat-proof dish or large seashell (I use abalone shells) until it stops smoking. Be sure that it’s out all the way – I have seen bundles burn themselves up completely overnight and be nothing but ash in the morning!

If you’re sensitive to smoke (or are not allowed to be burning things…) you can also use…

  • Salt – line any windowsills or doorways of a space that needs cleansing with salt. You can also put the salt in a bowl and place objects within it that need cleansing – crystals, Tarot or oracle decks, power pieces, you name it.
  • Salt water – just like as a priest would come in to bless a home with holy water, you can do this in your own way with salt water. Bless the water first by saying a cleansing intention over it, and then flick the water around the room repeating your intention. You can also draw symbols with the water that will dry later – still there, but invisible to others.
  • If YOU need cleansing – take a salt bath. Epsom salts contain high amounts of magnesium which helps stimulate cell activity, increasing the rate at which cells can clean up and discard any toxins or bacteria that need to be removed from the body. Plus, you’ll feel physically better and clean after a soak!
  • Cleansing oil sprays – you can create your own cleansing blend by mixing essential oils of your choosing and distilled water in a spray bottle. You don’t need a lot of oil – just a few drops of each should do the trick. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water – regular tap water can have minerals that mix with the oils and make them a little weird in the bottle. Also, use a glass bottle when possible. The oil mixture can erode plastic if left unused for a long time. Tea tree, palo santo, sage, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus are all great oils to use for cleansing.
  • Black Kyanite stones – black kyanite is unique in that it is the only stone that NEVER needs to be cleansed itself – that is its whole purpose. It can cleanse and clear other stones, spaces, and de-program quartz pieces. You can carry it and touch all the places that need to be cleansed while stating your intentions.

So…there you have it! A basic rundown on how to clear and cleanse your space, which is incredibly important when developing an energetic or spiritual practice in your life. What’s your favorite cleansing tool?

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