Welcome Back!

That may seem like an odd greeting considering this website feels brand new, yes? Actually, I created this website over 5 years ago…it’s been sitting dormant for a long while.

Over these past five years, I’ve done a ton of inner growing, healing, and evolving. I now feel like I have the tools and knowledge necessary to really allow this site to blossom! The creation of this website came from my own immense desire to write. As a Gemini Sun, my best communication comes in the form of writing; I love to teach and work with people who want to bring a magical and metaphysical charge into their life. As a priestess, I am trained to be of service to my community, and these services include:

  • Biofield Therapy (Energy Work)
  • Classes and lectures on metaphysics, crystals, magical tools, Norse traditions, and more.
  • Divination Readings (Norse runes, Tarot, and oracle)
  • Astrological Analyses (birthday readings, planetary analyses, and full natal charts with analyses)
  • Magical Rites (energetic cleansings for homes and businesses, birth blessings, marriages, and end of life blessings)

The website tabs will feel a little empty for a while, but don’t worry – I’ll be working to fill them up with as much information as I can! You’ll be able to get notifications about new posts by following me on Facebook and Instagram. As an added treat for following me there, you’ll be able to see some exclusive photos from my homestead that include…chickens, ducks, rats, ferrets, my best bearded dragon friend, and my crystal collection to brighten up your feed with a rustic Norse vibe.

Also! It would be to your advantage to sign up for my e-mail list. I’ll be sending out notifications about new classes, workshops, and events that I’m involved with as well as new products! Monthly newsletters will include information on seasonal magic, upcoming Pagan holidays, and important astrological and lunar events. You don’t want to miss out on all that!

Thank you for taking this journey with me. It feels like a whole new era.

Rosaleihna (Sierra)

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